[This RP is dead and has been dead for a couple years. The platform they were originally RPed on (Wings of Fire Scholastic Forums) is also dead now. What remains is a fossil record of our former cringe those times (and the occasional wanderer from the forums) (whose name is usually Necro). Proceed at your own risk. ~Admin RubyLavender]

i come here to find stuff to absolutely bully spencer with -necro

Welcome to the HHHAredo Wiki

This is the wikia for the redo of the Half-Human, Half-Animal RP! Children with human DNA mixed with that of an animal's are experimented on for their whole lives, until the government rescues them. However, they might be in no better hands...

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Welcome to our wiki! I'm Katherine, your unofficial host. This is an RP wiki, the characters and other stuff all have pages. We are trying to make this place great, so help is always welcome.

Remember, spread your wings, fly free, and pursue your dreams!

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